Client Activity (partial list)

Client Description

Glimmerglass’ Role

A northeast, state university, R&D center having a “one billion dollar plus” asset value and the world’s only university-based, 300-mm semiconductor wafer-capable, nanoelectronics systems prototyping facility.
Developed a public identity for the center. Drove branding activity. Generated PR to promote global awareness of programs. Established critical domestic and international networking for the industry /university /government nanoelectronics activity. Conceived and developed unique “Albany Symposium” series that led to the formation of Sematech North. Developed PR promoting a center-led, US Government recognized, alternative energy consortium.
An industrial, chemical and environmental testing laboratory serving Silicon Valley and national high tech industries.
Designed collateral that raised awareness of company’s advanced ultra-pure water and chemical analysis services.
A semiconductor manufacturer with novel IP and bulk silicon device technology.
Performed competitive analysis and provided technical advice prior to product launch.
A northeast regional development agency focused on attracting high tech industry regional investment.
Developed a unique, technology/economics symposium series for executives. Introduced agency to global high tech industry leaders allowing unique agency entré for regional promotion.
A not for profit foundation dedicated to education of journalists in the specialty fields to which they are assigned.
Prepared an on-line course for journalists in semiconductor technology. Developed and produced regional training seminars.
An EU government’s U.S.-based agency for promoting foreign investment and high tech industry development.
Structured a contact program that introduced the agency to US electronic industry executives responsible for overseas invest-ment decisions. Generated PR and MARCOM activity that was rapidly accepted by the agency’s international offices.
An industry organization chartered to promote commercialization of micro- and nanotechnology Produced and managed the organization’s first independent, financially successful global MEMS commercialization conference
A Canadian manufacturer of Internet Protocol telephony equipment Produced PR collateral, news re-leases, and product spec sheets, for international tradeshow, website, and wire service use.
A startup employing roll to roll thin film technology for semiconductor manufacture and display applications Advised on technology, manufacturing, management, and business operations. Provided an acting CTO under contract.
A European manufacturer of chemical vapor etch and deposition equipment for semiconductor manufacturers. Developed PR collateral and a product /technology white paper.
A northwest manufacturer of high tech surface analysis equipment. Performed a due diligence investigation leading to the multimillion dollar acquisition of smaller firm.
A leading manufacturer of microlithography equipment for the semiconductor and thin film head storage industries. Identified global market opportunities and sales leads as part of a marketing study on microelectromechanical systems.