Glimmerglass Ltd. is a strategic business development enterprise focused on high technology sectors including micro- and nanotechnology.

We know the industry. We’ve been in high tech—hands on—from startups, turn-arounds, R&D, manufacturing, and management, to global IT consulting, and communications. It’s what makes us uniquely able to convert your enterprise vision to market value.

The industry knows us. Extensive global contacts make Glimmerglass people known industry wide. We network internationally to facilitate opportunities for client growth and expansion. And of course, we’re on top of current and emerging technologies like MEMS, nanotechnology, 300-mm, and semiconductors.

Glimmerglass brings you payback. We provide solutions to a range of strategic business development challenges. Our experience and contacts with global decision-makers and experts create a synergy that well serves your needs.This is our unfair advantage—make it yours.

A Value Added Investment. In these cost conscious times, engaging the Glimmerglass team of professionals for your strategic development requirements is a prudent investment. We’ll work with you effectively to achieve your goals, and with client service uppermost in our minds, we won’t ever hesitate to let you know when we think our work is done.

Effective enterprise communications. Glimmerglass Ltd.’s communications expertise can help you reach strategically critical audiences, enhance your interaction with the press, and link up with financial, investment, and other important communities. We make it easier for your enterprise to send the right message to the right audience in the right language and assure critical understanding along the two-way street of communication.

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